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Become visible to your customers and dominate your local area online. Fast. Easy. Effective.


Make your business visible with the cost-effective Google AdWords marketing. Paid advertising is incredibly flexible, because you have the possibility to adjust your marketing budget at any time. With SpotOn Ads, you are able to reach your customers very explicitly while only paying for the yield you receive – making it measurable marketing that is 100 % relevant for your business. Finally, we also make sure your advertising is adaptable and optimized to all mobile devices, so your potential customers are able to find your business while searching on the go.

Targeted advertising

With SpotOn Ads, your potential customers will find your business at the right time and at the right place while searching for your services online. In contrast to traditional advertising, you only pay for the number of clicks on your ads from Google AdWords. We target your ads geographically in order to make your business visible for the potential local customers. You have the possibility to choose, whether your ads should be controlled according to season or opening hours, as well as you can take a break from advertising due to holiday.

Google AdWords is a complex tool to work with, and it can be difficult to assess how to make the greatest revenue. We are certified as Google AdWords Partner, and our experts will set up your Google AdWords campaign correctly to make sure that you do not waste your advertising budget on irrelevant clicks. We will optimize the AdWords campaign continuously in order to give you the best results possible.

One of the prime goals in our work is transparency. It is possible to get knowledge of how many calls you receive thanks to your Google AdWords campaigns by using Call Tracking. The combination of AdWords and Call Tracking gives you a better understanding of, which elements are successful and which are not, as well as the ability to track the yield of your campaign. Read more about Call Tracking on SpotOn Live.

In short, we will help you attracting potential customers by offering perfectly relevant, measurable, and “SpotOn” marketing.

Experienced copywriters

At SpotOn Marketing, your campaign will be customized according to your ambitions and needs by a certified Google AdWords specialist. Your ads will written in a way that attracts new customers. Our experienced copywriters will continuously optimize your ads according to your field, and the ambition is always to increase your number of inquiries from potential customers as much as possible.

Mobile adapted ads

We will ensure that your ads are optimized for online searches on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. By insisting on a professional experience, your ads will be preferred above your competitors’ ads when customers are searching for a service on a smartphone or tablet. Mobile optimized ads is even more important today where the use of mobile devices is rapidly growing. In the US, more than 77 % of the population have a smartphone, while 50% use tablets. (Source: Google)

What do our customers say?

Throughout the years we have helped 500+ local businesses receiving calls and e-mails from new customers. You can explore a number of our customer cases that are collected here.

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