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Tired of empty promises

24. June 2015

“For a long period of time, we hired several different companies who attempted to design a website for our dental clinic, Tandlægerne Eggers & Vester, but the results were never satisfying… Some never finished, while others took a very long time to do the job. We had almost given up all hope of the perfect website, when we attended Scandefa, the annual dentist trade show at Bella Center, where we met Simon from SpotOn Marketing. He seemed both credible and trustworthy, and he was able to put together an amazing offer for us.”

We finally have a website that makes us proud!

“It has been a pure pleasure to work together with Simon and the rest of the team at SpotOn Marketing. Unlike the other companies we have worked with, SpotOn Marketing insists on matching expectations, so both parties are satisfied with the agreement. We have been particularly satisfied with the transparency of the process, the smooth communication, as well as the fact that our new website has been customized to our own ideas and needs. The number of new customers at our clinic in Holbæk is consistently increasing, and the joy of having a website to be proud of is priceless!”


More inquiries via our website

16. April 2015

We used to get no inquiries via our website

“Before our collaboration with SpotOn Marketing, we had worked with other marketing companies that all had promised us the moon. Our website was designed three times by three different companies in 4 years, but none of them satisfied the agreements made, and the number of inquiries via our website was decreasing.

The collaboration with SpotOn Marketing

“One day, our phone rang and we had a fruitful conversation with Jacob from SpotOn Marketing. We arranged a meeting, and when we arrived at the office, we were welcomed by an incredibly kind group of employees who not only wanted to sell us their products. Instead, they offered many great ideas to possible solutions in different price ranges. When we left the building, we were full of optimism. We had finally found a marketing company that would take proper care of our website, SEO, and AdWords, and we no longer had to be suspicious about whether the work would be done effectively or not.”

“We took their offer, and we have never looked back since.”

We had to expand our business

“Our collaboration has been very fruitful. The number of new customers has increased due to our new website, and we had to hire 2-3 new employees just to keep up with it.”

“Today, the number of inquiries via our website has never been higher. Every element on our website is carefully thought through and placed with a specific purpose, and this definitely contributes to the positive development. For example, our website is now full of contact forms so the customers can contact us and describe their needs easily. The website is also much more welcoming than before, which makes the customers stay on the site and contact us.”

One million kroner in extra revenue on a yearly basis

4. December 2014

Succesful online advertising

Peter Tillige has been a practicing dentist in Copenhagen, Denmark since 1988. By our customized marketing and advertising solutions, he has experienced a solid growth in revenue as well as gained new loyal customers.

“I don’t know much about online advertising. But what I know is my revenue, and I can clearly see a steep increase herein since last year. At this point, we are nearing an extra revenue of one million kroner”.

Top placements in Google

“Simon and I agreed to start a collaboration which entailed that SpotOn Marketing would boost my presence in Google and help me achieve top placements”.

When you search “Dentist Nørrebro” or similar key words today, Peter Tillge is one of your very first hits in a Google search.

Simple and easily measurable

“Our increase in extra revenue can be fully accredited to SpotOn Marketing. When a new patient enters into our clinic, we always ask them where they have found us. From this, we can conclude that the vast majortiy choose us because of our Internet presence. That is what I call successful marketing and online advertising”.

SpotOn’s services saved me

21. November 2014
Vitha Weitemeyer is a privately practicing psychiatrist. Vitha contacted us because she desperately needed clients for her practice.

“I was going through a really rough period and was in great need of clients. I was recommended to try out SpotOn and had a great introductory talk with Simon. He took time to talk to me and really understand my problem, for which he also showed great interest. My profession is very complex, but Simon thought the challenge to be exciting. He has indeed been a great business partner. SpotOn really did save me and helped me to continue in the right direction, Vitha says.

“I now get twice as many request from new customers”
Vitha wanted more online visibility, and this wish has been fulfilled. Vitha is now on page 1 of Google using the keywords most fitting for her business.

“SpotOn has doubled the amount of requests I received from new clients. And all the clients are really good for my business. SpotOn has made a decisive difference for my profit and given me all the online visibility I needed”, Vitha emphasizes.

Great synergy and sparring

Vitha wished to write all the texts for her website herself. This has given her website a unique and personal touch – a feature which has generated a lot of positive feedback from her clients

“I think it is important that I did all the writing myself, as the service I provide is also very much me as a person. Because of this, I thought it was important that who ever visited my site also got to know me. All throughout the collaboration, there has been great synergy between SpotOn and I.This has made me feel very happy as a customer. SpotOn was really welcoming and accepted that I wanted to write my own texts. Everywhere else in their work, they have been completely faithful to my values and have listened to my needs. It has been a great process and it has saved my business. I would not hesitate to recommend SpotOn to others”, Vitha concludes


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