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With Facebook advertising, you can make your business visible, target your campaigns, and increase the number of inquiries.

By investing in Facebook advertising, you will be able to reach out to many potential new customers.

Targeted marketing

Facebook is full of opportunities for your business, and it functions as an effective platform to communicate and interact with your existing and future customers. A business profile on Facebook gives your customers the possibility to get to know your business, your employees, and all of your services.

Furthermore, Facebook as a media is suitable for marketing your products and services through targeted campaigns. With Facebook advertising, it is possible to reach a specifically defined target group and thereby to target your marketing to a specific audience – an audience, which you are able to define yourself. Through segmenting based on geography, sex, age, or civil status, you can define the customer group you want your campaign to attract.


A business profile on Facebook can contribute to an effective tool in your online marketing, known as remarketing. This allows you to target and make your business visible for users, who previously have visited your website. As an example, you can target your campaigns directly to potential customers, who previously have shown interest and sought for your products or business. This can contribute to an increasing number of inquiries from potential customers.

Facebook advertising can contribute to make your business visible, target your campaigns, and increase the number of inquiries from new customers.
We will continuously keep you updated on, how the campaigns are succeeding according to inquiries and engagement.

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