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Our history

At SpotOn Marketing, we are passionate about helping local companies achieve commercial success on the Internet. We have built up vast experience over the past 10 years and are proud to be working with online marketing on a daily basis.

Your success is our drive and main passion. We believe in easy accessibility, great customer service and complete transparency. We are, as our name also encompasses, SpotOn. We aim the spotlight directly at our customers and take great pride in consistently delivering SpotOn quality, exclusively fitted to whatever specific needs our customers may have.



Get more requests from potential customers

We help you get more requests from customers, which will increase sales and ultimately boost your profit. We understand that most small companies want to spend their valuable time on what they do best – and not waste time on advertising online. To help you, we have bundled up our expert knowledge into different marketing and advertising solutions. All you have to do is pick up the phone when new customers call. Through our SpotOn Live system, you get full transparency and access to our work for a fixed monthly price. This feature allows you to follow our work and see that you get what you paid for.

At SpotOn Marketing, we want to change the way in which local companies market themselves. For this, we have established a young team of creative and dedicated employees. Our employees are born and bred in the digital age and are all passionate about online marketing. We are ready to help you exploit the great potential to be found online and guide you to a more easy and profitable way to attract new customers.

If you choose to do business with us, you will not be considered a client, but a partner. Together, we will work towards our common goal: making your business more profitable. We strive to create long-lasting customer relations, as experience tells us this is where we create most value – together. You will experience that we have a very hands-on approach and are easy to reach at all times.

Our satisfaction guarantee? It promises and even guarantees you the realization of the results we jointly agree upon within six months. If these results are not delivered, we will work free of charge until we reach our goal.

We believe this approach to be “SpotOn”.

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