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SpotOn SEO

Become visible at the top of the search engines and increase your revenue. Effective. Easy. Measurable.


If you want to make your business stand out in the spotlight and appear at the top of Google searches performed by potential customers, SpotOn SEO is the solution for you. Your local presence online is the key to new inquiries. We will help you with perfectly relevant, measurable SEO (search engine optimization).

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Optimization of keywords

You have to be visible at the top, when your potential customers are searching for local businesses in your field.

SpotOn Marketing is able to help you optimize the content on your website, so it suits Google’s standards and your customers’ needs perfectly. Your new, unique content will be adapted to the services you offer. As a result, you will get even better visibility at Google, more visitors to your website, as well as greater possibilities to turn your visitors into customers.

Hence, your website will stand out in the spotlight and increase your revenue.

Google Maps, additions to online business directories, and similar services

We will create your profile on Google Maps and other relevant map services, where people are looking for your services. Your complete profile will be customized, so it will be visible and attract new potential customers.

We will also create your profile in more than 30 online business directories. We will make sure that everything is correct – your name, address, and phone number are all very important elements regarding search engine optimization of local businesses.

Our satisfaction guarantee? We promise to bring your company the results, which we have agreed on within 6 months. If we should fail this, we will work for you free until the goals have been met.

We believe that is “SpotOn”.

What do our customers say?

Throughout the years we have helped 500+ local businesses receiving calls and e-mails from new customers. You can explore a number of our customer cases that are collected here.

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