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With SpotOn Live you get all of your inquiries and relevant information about visitors in one convenient place.


Can you imagine getting precise knowledge of how your online marketing affects your finances and number of inquiries? Having the option to discover how your keywords pop up in a Google search? The ability to discover how your customers review your business online?
All of this and more is possible with our own unique user-friendly tool, SpotOn Live.

100 % transparency

We believe in accessibility, amazing customer service, and full transparency. For these reasons we have created SpotOn Live in order to give you access to all data regarding your marketing. We want you to be able to see the full potential of your website. To us it makes sense that you can observe the effect of our services, especially since we share the same ambition: to generate a higher revenue for your business.

As our client you will get free access to SpotOn Live. This tool will consistently keep you informed about the number of received customer inquiries, statistics regarding your website, rankings on Google, and reviews of your business on websites such as Facebook.


Inquiries and Call Tracking

Do you want to know how many inquiries you receive via your website? Both via email and calls? SpotOn Live makes it possible.

We set up an advanced tracking system so you can also see where your calls come from. This allows you to trace how many calls your website generates and from which parts of your website they originate. We are able to optimize your results by using information about the time, number, and length of your calls.

In addition to this you have the possibility to listen to all the calls made. This can be a great help when training new employees or optimizing and analyzing your customer service.

Statistics and rankings

Under “Statistics” we gather all relevant data about potential customers visiting your website.
Under “Rankings” you can discover how your keywords rank on Google.

What are your customers saying about you?

With SpotOn Live you easily get an overview of your online customer reviews. We gather all reviews (from Facebook and Google) in one place, so you are able to access it immediately without having to use any extra time. Fast, simple, easy.

Get to know your customers even better

By receiving information about the keywords, ads, or marketing channels that increase your number of inquiries, you will be more familiar with your customers’ behavior and needs. This way you can easily adjust your products and services to meet your customers’ demands.

With a combination of Call Tracking and SpotOn Ads it is possible to get an even better understanding of the elements that work (or do not work) for your business. With this powerful combination we can help you optimizing your advertising budget. Your number of inquiries will increase, which will lead to a greater yield from your marketing budget. A two-in-one solution that minimizes your expenses per customer inquiry!

With a combination of Call Tracking and SpotOn Ads, it is possible to get an even better understanding of the elements that work and do not work for your business. This way, we can help you to optimize your advertising budget, so the number of inquiries will increase, while you will receive a greater yield from your marketing budget. We can also minimize your expenses per customer inquiry.

What do our customers say?

Throughout the years we have helped 500+ local businesses receiving calls and e-mails from new customers. You can explore a number of our customer cases that are collected here.

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