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With SpotOn Web, you get an effective website with a sharp visual expression – regardless of field. The website will be customized to suit your and Google’s needs, as well as it will ensure to make relevant customers contact your business. Finally, we make sure that your website is adaptable to all mobile units in order to secure a pleasant user experience.



Your website is your public image. The very foundation of what helps you in getting new customers, while giving your existing customers the best service. Its purpose is to contribute to an increasing number of inquiries by phone or e-mail, as well as to turn your visitors into customers. For that reason, SpotOn Marketing’s designers will make sure that you get a custom designed website. Suited for your specific needs, that is also unique and welcoming. Your visual identity and a pleasant user experience are the cornerstones of our approach, and we will not settle for less than the perfect solution.
Our websites are designed to contribute to more local inquiries than regular websites, with noticeable contact information, easy user navigation, mobile optimization, and custom designed contact forms.

Call Tracking for all calls

Do you want to know where your calls come from? We can install an advanced tracking system that allows you to discover how many inquiry calls are made thanks to your website, as well as which parts of the website are responsible.
You also have the possibility to listen to all calls that are made, which can be useful in many scenarios – for example when training new employees, or when analyzing and improving your customer service.

Mobile adapted (responsive) design

We will ensure that your mobile adapted website is user friendly and functions correctly on mobile units. By insisting on a professional experience, your business will be preferred above your competitors when customers are searching for a service on a smartphone or tablet. Mobile optimized websites that adapt to the size of the screen on a mobile unit are even more important today when the use of mobile units is rapidly growing. In the US, more than 77 % of the population have a smartphone, while 50 % use tablets. (Source: Google)

What do our customers say?

Throughout the years we have helped 500+ local businesses receiving calls and e-mails from new customers. You can explore a number of our customer cases that are collected here.

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